LAttice Partner

As a trusted partner of Lattice Semiconductor, we have been leveraging their FPGA technology since 2004. Our extensive experience in working with Lattice Semiconductor FPGAs allows us to deliver exceptional solutions for embedded systems, particularly in embedded and low-power applications. With our deep knowledge and expertise, we bring the benefits of Lattice Semiconductor’s technology to our clients, ensuring efficient and optimized designs for their specific needs.



With over 19 years of collaboration, we have built extensive expertise in working with Lattice Semiconductor. Our proficiency extends to various Lattice Tools, including Diamond, Radiant, Propel, and iceCube2. Since 2004, we have successfully utilized Lattice Semiconductor’s technologies, starting from ispXPGA and ispLEVER. Our competence spans across multiple device families, such as CertusNX, ice40, ECP5, MachXO, and ispXPGA. Trust us to leverage our in-depth knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional FPGA/SoC design and verification solutions tailored to your specific requirements.


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